Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Nazzy and Mo

After Friday's game against the Capitals, I thought maybe that Markus Naslund looked like he was playing hurt. Tony Gallagher mentions in today's Vancouver Province that he's not:
It is his teaming with the city's highest profile physiotherapist that has allowed him to recover from his longstanding groin problem and be able to exert the effort required to lead a team that must survive on hard work.

Naslund has been following the theories, theses and pointed suggestions of Rick Cellebrini, the Alex McKechnie associate and same man who has helped Victoria's Steve Nash reach the extraordinary pinnacle he enjoys in the NBA with the Phoenix Suns.

"It feels as good as it's felt for a long, long time," says Naslund when asked if he feels he's finally overcome that groin problem that made last season so difficult for him and cost him the opportunity to win a gold medal at the Olympics because of his commitment to his employer. "I'm so grateful for what he's done for me. It's been a huge help."
Good news.

On the other hand, the news isn't so good for Brendan Morrison, who I thought played his best game of the season on Friday. Ben Kuzma (Vancouver Province) notes that Morrison's hip felt sore after the game:
Even though Morrison had a strong outing -- and his shootout goal gave the Vancouver Canucks a 3-2 win over the Washington Capitals at GM Place -- the centre admitted not all is quite right with his surgically-repaired hip.

"It's getting better and it's kind of give-and-take, but actually tonight is one of the sorest I've been this year," said Morrison, who had a torn labrum muscle repaired last May but is still enduring stiffness.

"When I got going I felt fine, but it's when you stop."

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