Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Wings 3 Canucks 2

The weekend was encouraging, though not perfect. The Canucks won one, lost one, and actually played okay. They at least looked like a team and got rid of the long stretches of brutal play, but of course, they still need to work on getting rid of the the odd blips as well. Willie Mitchell's misplayed two-on-one played as much a role in deciding the game as Taylor Pyatt's waived goal.

So have they finally turned the corner?

Louie has for sure. In the last four games, he stopped 119 of 129 shots for a 0.922 save percentage. Yes, the team only won one of those games, but they had a shot at gaining at least a point in all of them.

With Sami and Bieksa back in the lineup, I thought the defense looked much more cohesive. Nothing personal, but it makes a difference not having Mike Weaver out there and not playing Aaron Miller 18 minutes a night.

Unfortunately, the offense still isn't there, and 12 games into the season, I'm not sure if it'll ever be there for this group. They just don't seem to be a consistent threat to score.

Statistically, the Sedins are producing at about the same pace they were last season, but they haven't dominated games - or even shifts - the same way. Morrison and Naslund are producing more, but they haven't been able to take any attention away from the Sedins. Mason Raymond, God bless him, is trying out there, but even with his obvious speed and skill, his scrawny frame makes it so easy for the other team to knock him down and take the puck away. (Think the Sedins circa 2001.)

Last week, we were talking about how the Kings, Blue Jackets, Hurricanes and Red Wings all embarassed us. At least today, we can go back to talking about how the ref screwed us out of at least a point. Progress is progress I suppose.

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 5:54 AM


At October 29, 2007 9:06 AM, Blogger Loxy said...

Before the season, did you think the Canucks had addressed the need of a scoring threat?

I think it's a need that most of us knew of, but management didn't take care of.

Granted, I cheer for a team whose GM acted over-desperately in the offseason to fix a 20-game losing streak caused by decimating injuries, fresh-faced rookies and the loss of one's heart and soul.

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