Thursday, November 29, 2007

Game Day Post: Blue Jackets at Canucks

It sounds like Tony Gallagher (Vancouver Province) has a man-crush for Chris Pronger:
So he'll never be mistaken for Vancouver Olympic mascots Quatchi or Sumi. Deal with it.

The fuss about Anaheim Ducks defenceman Chris Pronger working over a few Vancouver Canucks Tuesday night has been nothing short of laughable. Has it escaped everyone's notice he's been doing this since he got into the league. Hell, the new rules have toned him down to the point where his stick hardly makes contact anymore.

That cross-check on Ryan Kesler Tuesday night after Kesler scored a goal was routine five years ago. Now the crown is probably considering charges.
We won, they lost, I'm dealing with it fine. But, the fact that Pronger has gotten away with murder his entire career doesn't excuse him for it. I don't think the fuss over his hit on Kesler is laughable because, while Kesler is lucky to be okay, the hit could easily have caused some serious injury. Tony might want to ask Tomas Holmstrom and Dean McAmmond what they think of Pronger's shenanigans. I don't think they'll be laughing.

Now, on to tonight's game.

After watching the last couple of games at home, and Louie and the team going as good as they are right now, I almost feel that I should just get rid of my tickets for tonight as well. Louie's going for three straight you-know-whats - i.e. the 's' word that shall not be uttered - and can even, possibly set a new Canucks record tonight for consecutive you-know-whats.

He's not the only one looking for a new Canucks record tonight. Markus Naslund is one point away from tying Trevor Linden as the franchise's new scoring leader. When I first posted about this last week, nebcanuck commented that people were expecting Markus to Trev last season. He may have taken a season and a few games more in doing it, but when he does, I hope us Canucks fans pay him proper tribute.

We talked about this on The Crazy Canucks podcast last night, but Markus' rediscovered scoring touch has also spawned a seemingly more involved captain. He's never been the rah-rah-rah kinda guy, but in the last few games, he's been more vocal with his teammates on the bench and on the ice. He looks excited to be playing again and that makes me excited to watch him.

More previews from today's MSM:

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