Monday, January 21, 2008

Bits, Bites and Tonight's Game

Tracy and I had a busy weekend entertaining her cousin from Vernon and his girlfriend, and hence, the lack of posts. It didn't help that the Canucks lost to Kings (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun), their third consecutive loss and fifth in their last six games.

Here are some random bits and bites:

. First of all, a wholehearted thank you to everyone who supported me during this weekend's BC Children's Hospital's Skate for the Cure. Thanks to you, I raised $330 and Tracy and I had a great time doing laps around GM Place. I also had a chance to meet Matt Cooke for being one of the first 325 people to raise over $250. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

. This mini-dip the Canucks are on has relegated them to fourth place in the Northwest Division and eighth place in the Western Conference, three points ahead of the ninth-place Columbus Blue Jackets and five points ahead of the St. Louis Blues. How big is that game on Wednesday against the Blues? Well, the Blues could inch to a point back of the 'Nucks with three games in hand.

. The last time the Canucks lost three games in a row was 13 months ago in December 2006.

. For playing his 1,000th career game earlier in the week, the Canucks gave Markus a classy tribute on Saturday night. So did the fans. They gave Markus a standing ovation and stayed standing up for about ten minutes while the Canucks gave him some goodies and played a video highlighting his career and his work in the community. For all the crap he gets from fans and such, it was a good to see him get some love for the ten-plus years he's given to this city.

If you missed the video, here it is:

. Matty Ohlund was back in the lineup after missing 11 games, but in what seems like the year of cursed Canucks d-men, Willie Mitchell was scratched due to back spasms. And apparently, he might not be back until after the All-Star break (Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun).

. Ohlund vs. Koivu, part 2 (Gordon McIntyre, Vancouver Province)? Probably not, though it's weird to think that tonight's Canucks vs. Wild game could be the most entertaining game this week. And yes, I know the All-Star game is this week.

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