Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fickle Fans

If you ever listen to the local sports talk shows or read the Canucks message boards, you will see that most Canuck fans are usually of the opinion that:

  • Naslund is the team's best player, its captain and heart and soul
  • Sopel is a goof
  • Malik is a pylon
  • Cloutier is a sieve
So when the free agency season started, Dave Nonis re-signed Naslund (and Morrison) to long-term deals, let Malik sign with the Rangers, and traded Sopel to the Islanders. 3 out of 4 ain't bad, right? Apparently not according to fickle Canucks fans.

Since losing out on the Forsberg and Niedermayer hunts, Canucks "fans" have been extremely critical of the team's inactivity. Apparently, they now think that Naslund and Morrison are overpaid. They think both should have signed at bargain basement prices or should have been let go to allow the team to sign Niedermayer and Kariya and Selanne and Carter and Hamrlik.

Because that's the way you should treat your star players.

Well, they still think that Cloutier is a sieve, but they also think that because Khabibulin signed with Chicago, Thibault is a viable option. Fans think Cloutier gets injured a lot, Thibault is coming off a season that saw him only play 14 games because of injuries. Fans don't think Cloutier is a playoff performer, Thibault has a 4-11 record in five playoff seasons.

They think Cujo is an option. Never mind that he has never won the Stanley Cup. Or that he's 10 years older than Cloutier. Or that he'll command a bit more than the $2.5-3 million that Cloutier will get and the Canucks will have to drop yet another player from their core roster to make room for him.

Dear fans... relax. It's the first week of August and our best players are signed. In a new, salary-capped NHL, this isn't a bad situation at all.
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