Friday, September 16, 2005

Now or Never, Fedor

Perhaps one of the more intriguing stories at the Vancouver Canucks training camp is the presence of Fedor Fedorov. Long lauded by Canucks management for his size, speed and skill, he has similarly been criticized for his mental lapses and inconsistency. With at least one open roster spot, this could be Fedor's final opportunity to cement his place on the team.

Assuming he puts it all together and makes the team, the Canucks have proposed a one-year, two-way contract that will pay him $475,000-500,000 in the NHL and $75,000 in the AHL. With his skill set, he could be a great addition to the bottom two lines with the potential to play in the top two lines. Interestingly, Fedor feels he is owed this opportunity and seems to be demanding it:

I don't think you can really get into the grove with two or three games... I can't get experience with two or three games.
Someone want to tell him that he has to earn it?

If he doesn't stick with the Canucks, it is almost safe to assume that he will pass on the $75,000 salary in Manitoba, but rather go back to Russia, where he already has a $450,000 (tax-free) contract in place. If he chooses this option, it could very well signal the end of his time with the Canucks.

In the next two weeks, the Canucks will have to make a decision regarding Fedor. Fedor has two weeks to influence them.
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