Saturday, October 08, 2005

Moose Moves

Mike Keane and Jason Doig have both signed professional tryout contracts with the Manitoba Moose. With last season's key guys like Ryan Kesler, Lee Goren, Jason King, Tyler Bouck and Nolan Baumgartner sticking with the parent Canucks, and Peter Sarno and Jeff Hereema moving on, the Moose will welcome the addition of Keane and Doig. This off-season, Keane attended the Leafs training camp and Doig attended the Canucks'.

The professional tryout contracts allow Keane and Doig to showcase their game to potential NHL suitors. These contracts run for a maximum of 25 games at a time and can be renewed or terminated by either the player or the team.

I wouldn't be surprised if one or both eventually sign with the Canucks. Keane of course played with the team in 2003/2004 and provided a stabilizing veteran presence, especially after the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. Doig, who last played for the Capitals, was being counted on for the team's third pairing on the blueline, but was hampered by injury and only able to play in one preseason game.
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