Saturday, November 19, 2005

The NHL's Answer to Mark Cuban

Although the Canucks have boasted one of the NHL's more successful teams on and off the ice, they still also have one of the more reclusive owners in John McCaw. Regardless of how many *ahem* personalized letters I receive from Dave Nonis and the sales staff, as a season ticket holder, it's sometimes nice to hear from the owner himself and McCaw hasn't even made a single appearance at the Canucks' annual "State of the Franchise" event.

Which is why I'm a little jealous of Eric McErlain getting an invitation to join Caps owner Ted Leonsis in the owners box last week - Eric posts about his experience here and here - and of Caps season ticket holders receiving a replica jersey for their loyalty.

For the record, to reward us for our loyalty, the Canucks offered season ticket holders no price increases for the next two years.
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