Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Different Rules of Engagement

In Olympic hockey, if the games are tied after regulation time, the rules of overtime and the shootout are different than in the NHL. Here are the differences courtesy of Kukla's Corner:

In case of a tie at the conclusion of regulation time in a QuarterFinal, Semi-final and Bronze Medal Game, there will be a 10-minute sudden-death overtime period played, following a three-minute intermission. The teams will defend the same goals as in the third period. The team, which scores a goal during this period is the winner.

In the Gold Medal game there will be a 20-minute sudden-death overtime period, following a 15-minute intermission during which the ice will be resurfaced. The teams will change ends. The team which scores a goal during this period is declared winner.

All sudden death overtime periods are played with four skaters on four. Women play five-on-five.

If no goal is scored during the sudden-death overtime, there will be Game Winning Shot (GWS) competition (shootout). Each team must select five shooters to compete in the GWS competition. If the score is still tied after the teams have had five attempts each, the teams continue to shoot in pairings until the shooter of one team misses and the shooter of the other team scores.

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