Friday, February 17, 2006

Canada 5 Germany 1

I taped CBC's feed of the game yesterday knowing that I would not be able to watch the third period live. Imagine my horror when I played the tape when I got home to see not Iggy and Bert and Rick Nash pushing the Germans around, but Emmanuel Sandhu falling on his ass in yet another international competition. Apparently, CBC had cut to the men's free skate finals instead of showing most of the third period of the game. So I missed the third period of Canada's 5-1 win over Germany, but got to see Jeremy Buttle win the bronze medal in men's figure skating.

From the parts of the game I saw... it's amazing to watch Team Canada and see how disciplined they are on the ice. Their work ethic is incredible, their shifts are automatic. Everyone is pulling their own weight and allowing others to do the same.

Todd Bertuzzi had another good game. If he had Moore's lawsuit in the back of his mind, he certainly didn't show it. One shift that stood out was when Canada had a 5-on-3 man-advantage. Canada maintained possession of the puck the entire time and Bertuzzi was in front of the net during the same span. With the Canucks this season, Bert's spent more time in the half-boards playing passer than in front of the net where he can cause havoc for the defense and goaltender.

His play has actually drawn praise from the Canadian media. Kelly Hrudey (CBC) and Pierre LeBrun (The Score) both had good things to say about him, his play and his attitude. Bert had another assist yesterday to bump his tournament total to three in two games.

Luongo looked shaky and nervous, didn't he? He misplayed the puck a couple of times and just didn't look in sync with the defense. I don't imagine anyone but Brodeur will start the rest of Canada's games.

TSN and NBC have full game recaps.

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