Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Sad Suit

From the Globe and Mail:

A dozen teenage boys have filed suit against their Etobicoke minor hockey team, alleging that the general manager abused them verbally and refused them permission to try out for a higher-level team.

All members of the Etobicoke Canucks Bantam AA team, the boys sought release from part of their two-year commitment. According to the suit, permission to try out for other teams was promised but then denied without explanation, days before scheduled tryouts.
Via the Toronto Star, Greater Toronto Hockey League president John Gardner responded to the suit:

The plaintiffs wanted to try out for AAA teams, but players 13 years and older are locked into their teams unless given permission to skate by their club.

"No rule in the book gives the league the right to force a member club to give a letter of permission to skate or a release," said GTHL president John Gardner. "The rules are specific. A club has until May 31 to offer a player — 13 years or older — a registration card for the following season."
Having never been through the minor hockey system, I have to admit about not knowing much about how it works. But, in the hockey world or in any other industry, this kind of story reeks. These kids - and yes, they are only kids - are at a critical point of their hockey careers, and if the team indeed promised them an opportunity to try out and move up the system, then shame on them for backing out on it.

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