Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wanna Bet?

Terry Frei (ESPN) is in a gambling mood, and while he most likely won't be placing his bets with Rick Tocchet, I like his "best-buy" pick to win the Stanley Cup this year:
I'll check out with this "best buy," and unlike at the chain store of the same name with capital letters, nobody is going to hit me up to commit to a magazine subscription "free trial" that never is free because I always forget to cancel the subscription in time to prevent me from being billed for another year.

Vancouver, such a dramatic underachiever last season, has a fresh start after Todd Bertuzzi's trade to Florida, which was good news for all involved, including Bertuzzi. Marc Crawford still is one of the best coaches in the business, but he couldn't escape the dark cloud, either, and his move to the Kings also will be mutually beneficial. The Canucks have added Willie Mitchell, and Roberto Luongo has the chance to affirm that the "given" -- he was a great goalie with a rotten team -- was true. Alain Vigneault's voice is fresh, at least in Vancouver.

So my "best-buy" pick is the Canucks, at 20-1.
Sounds good to me. Click here for the rest of his piece.

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