Thursday, September 14, 2006

Carter To Columbus

Let me get this straight. Doug MacLean was willing to sign Anson Carter for $2.5 million for one season, but won't go higher than $2.3 million per season for three seasons for Nikolai Zherdev?

Zherdev posted similar numbers to Carter last season, but remember that Zherdev is ten years younger and should be considered one of Columbus' core players. With all due respect to Anson - and I think $2.5 million is right around his market value - I would have thought that MacLean would much rather spend an extra few dollars to have Zherdev for more years than spend it on Carter for one.

After acquiring $6 million dollar man Sergei Fedorov and signing Rick Nash and Adam Foote to lucrative long-term contracts, MacLean sure picked a funny time to be more fiscally-responsible. No wonder Zherdev requested a trade.

Army of the Ohio has more on the Carter signing and Zherdev negotiations.

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