Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bettman Needs To Grow Some Balls (Or Something Like That)

Back when the NHL announced that they would switch to the NFL-style, unbalanced schedule, I was upset. As a season-ticket holder, I want variety. I want to see more teams, different teams, different players. I don't want to pay see the Minnesota Wild four times (actually, six including the pay-per-view games) and I don't want to wait three years every time to see Sidney Crosby.

I know I'm not the only one.

Christy Hammond (Behind The Jersey) hates the schedule as well:

Ugh. I hate the current schedule. Hate it. I hate playing every one in our division 8 times. Even if they were all fantastic teams, you don’t need to play any team that much. For more on my opinion on the topic, you can read a paper I wrote for my English class last semester here.
(Make sure you follow that last link to read her paper.)

Eric McErlain (Off Wing Opinion) says this is more of a bad thing:

As somebody who called for junking the unbalanced schedule back in November, I couldn't help but be disappointed that a minority of the Board of Governors voted to block reverting to the pre-lockout schedule that had teams playing everyone in the league at least once a year.
Jes Gőlbez (Hockey Rants) points out the true cost of sticking with this schedule:

On another note, the NHL decided to press on with the third year of their 3-year schedule rotation. Gary Bettman is so hard-on to finish his precious rotation that the league is basically screwing good marketing opportunities to save $5 on jet fuel. Say good-bye to a true Hockey Day in Canada next season.
Chuqui (Two For Elbowing) asks us not to blame Bettman but the East Coast teams:

Don't blame Bettman. He's doing what the board of governors voted to do. It's the board of governors -- the OWNERS -- calling the shots. And in fact, since this required a 2/3 majority, it's a minority of owners, primarily the east coast "bus league" teams, that's screwing this for the rest of us.
I blame Bettman anyway.

Kudos to Edmonton Oilers' chairman, Cal Nichols, for calling Bettman out (Pierre Lebrun, CP):

Edmonton Oilers chairman Cal Nichols wore his heart on his sleeve, saying the league had fumbled the ball.

"The politics seem to always enter into it," a frustrated Nichols said after the board of governors meeting. "I think we should be more concerned about the future of the game than specific interests or 'It's going to cost me a few more thousand dollars to travel a few extra miles.' This shouldn't be about that. It's about the game."

Nichols also believes commissioner Gary Bettman should have shown more leadership on the matter.

"I wish he would have," said Nichols.
Anyone else surprised that he didn't?

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:25 AM


At January 25, 2007 9:41 AM, Blogger Robert L said...

Montreal didn't exactly side for non-change. They simply preached the virtues of time and reflexion. The schedule will change after the three year trial - I hope it does.

Changing it now while everyone is against one another is hasty and foolish. Let's get everybody on the same "what's best for the game" page, and then proceed. Changing it in midstream cannot become an annual reflex.

Get it done in time, and get it done right.


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