Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 26

The gang got together after the Canucks' three wins in the past week and recorded episode number 26 of The Crazy Canucks podcast:

Dave is a healthy scratch on this episode, but the rest of the crew gathers to tackle the recent games, look ahead to who is coming up, and hash out some topics that the big media folks are drudging up. J.J. makes a call in from the game he went to against St. Louis (W), and we look at the other two games against Detroit (W) and Edmonton (W) in true TCC fashion.

Record as of this episode: 44-23-6
Northwest Division: 1st
Western Conference: 3rd

We also bring you some breaking news at the top of this episode regarding the Canucks and the world of podcasting, Alanah details her live blogging on the day of the Red Wings game, and J.J. presents some interesting insight to the slight against Naslund’s play even though the team record has been overly positive.
Click here to listen to or download the episode.

On a side note, the Canucks organization is really beginning to embrace this whole new media thing - first by allowing fan bloggers on their site and now by pointing to fan podcasts as well - and we are pleased to say that The Crazy Canucks podcast is now listed on the official Vancouver Canucks site. Thanks to everyone for tuning in every week and please keep the feedback coming.

Comments/Questions: Feel free to post in the comments section or email me at gocanucksgo10 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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