Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There For The Taking

A couple of days before main camp begins, Alain Vigneault said the stuff every player wants to hear (Bob Mackin, 24 Hours):

"Part of the message in our orientation meeting to the group is that whoever deserves to be here and whoever helps us win games is going to be here," Vigneault said yesterday in a telephone interview from Vancouver.

"It's not about contract status, it's about performance on the ice. It's going to be up to us as the organization, management and coaches to find room for the ones who deserve to be here.

"I've said this many times, for me talent has no age."
The Canucks have 20 guys on one-way contracts, including 12 forwards and their top-six defensemen. On paper at least, the roster is set except for the 13th forward and 7th defensemen positions. And that's if the team chooses to carry 22 players with them. For most of last season and the season before, they went with 21 players on the roster.

That said, this is a prime opportunity for young guys like Mason Raymond, Jannik Hansen, Michael Grabner and Juraj Simek. The Canucks still have a glaring need for a scoring forward, and unless Nonis pull a Peter Forsberg out of his hat before October 5th, that spot is there for the taking. I'm sure Vigneault just wanted to remind them of that.

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