Friday, October 12, 2007

Kesler Lucky; Boulerice Shouldn't Be

Sometime today, we should hear about Jesse Boulerice's suspension for his cross-check on Ryan Kesler's face (if you haven't seen the video yet, it's here). The good thing is, Kesler seems okay and will be back on the ice tonight (Brad Ziemer, Vancouver Sun):

All things considered, Ryan Kesler felt good. Lucky, too.

Kesler was back at practice Thursday morning, about 12 hours after taking a vicious cross-check to the face courtesy of Philadelphia winger Jesse Boulerice.

"I feel good," Kesler said after practice. "A little sore, but I feel like I can play tomorrow."
Yup, extremely lucky. However, that Kesler is fine should have no bearing on Boulerice's suspension. It was a reckless, dangerous and stupid move by a goon and Kesler easily could have been hurt far worse. If Boulerice had hit him a little higher, he could've broken his nose; a little lower and he would've got him in the throat.

I hope the NHL and Colin Campbell comes down on Boulerice. If we use Chris Simon's chop on Ryan Hollweg last season as a benchmark, he should get suspended about 25 games. With the NHL's emphasis on dealing with head shots, he could get more. If he gets more than 25 games, no one will bat an eyelash. As every hockey fan knows, there's no place for that sh*t in this game.

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