Monday, December 03, 2007

Canucks 1 Wild 2

Bah, I suppose all good things must come to an end. Like Roberto Luongo's shutout streak (212:02 minutes) and the Canucks previously-unbeaten in regulation time record against the Northwest Division (9-1-2).

Some thoughts:
  • The truth is, the boys looked flat last night. Minnesota took the game to them and forced them to take some lazy penalties. Altogether, the Canucks were shorthanded seven times, including four times in the first period that set the tone for the game.
  • I thought it was funny hearing the Wild fans boo mild-mannered Mattias. Given the incident with Mikko Koivu, the reception wasn't unexpected. But it's funny because next to Markus Naslund and Sami Salo, Ohlund is probably my least expected Canuck to be public enemy no. 1.
  • Despite the balanced scoring the Canucks have received in the past month, I'm still hoping that the Canucks can find one more guy that has some decent offensive instincts. While I've always appreciated the work of Brendan Morrison's line - at both ends of the ice - imagine what it would be like if Mo had someone with some finish to pass the puck to.
  • Where did this Steve Yzerman-like Markus Naslund come from? On the offensive end, Nazzy had three shots on goal - the classic Naslund kind, not the wimpy 2006-2007 ones - and defensively, backchecked and probably broke up just as many Minnesota plays. And this isn't a one-game phenomenon either. Nazzy's consistently been doing this for about a month now.
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Wednesday night against the Chicago Blackhawks
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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:18 AM


At December 03, 2007 11:53 AM, Blogger Zanstorm said...

A bit of a frustrating loss....but when you've already won so many lately, it doesn't hurt as bad, you know?
What I thought all game, while watching the Sedin-Naslund line is: "too fancy." Sure they can score pretty goals, but when it comes down to it, fancy-schmancy isn't going to help where it matters most: in the playoffs.
The way the Wild played the Sedins last night reminded me of how the Ducks played them in the playoffs, and why they were ineffective (besides illness).

At December 04, 2007 12:02 AM, Anonymous GZ Expat said...

JJ...great point about Naslund. I'd like to think he was listening these past year to The Crazy Canucks and heard your critiques and calls for him to become that 'Yzerman' like player. He is slowly transforming his game.

I need to watch the game tonight when I get home on my NEW 47inch LCD! Woot! Not to worry...there isn't any HD broadcasts here in Chiner, just as there isn't for any Canuck games on TV!! heh.

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