Monday, August 08, 2005

Big Bertuzzi Is Back!

Gary Bettman finally announced today that Todd Bertuzzi has been reinstated to the NHL effective immediately. Few people condone what Big Bert did. However, most hockey people will agree that it was time to move past this incident. Bertuzzi himself has apologized publicly. Moreover, his 17-month long suspension cost him:

  • 13 regular season games
  • 7 playoff games
  • the World Cup of Hockey tournament
  • the World Championship tournament
  • more than $500K in salary

Some people will argue that the duration of the lockout shouldn't count towards the suspension, but the fact is, Bertuzzi's suspension also prevented him from playing in Europe.

Last year, he already faced a criminal trial. Sometime in the near future, he will face a civil suit. When he steps back on the ice, he is still considered to be on probation.

In my humble opinion, not much more can be done to punish him.

For Canucks fans, today's decision means that Bertuzzi will be back with the Westcoast Express line on opening night. Let's hope he stays there.

posted by J.J. Guerrero, 10:24 PM


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