Saturday, October 29, 2005

Accountability In The Aftermath

In the aftermath of their 6-2 thrashing to the Avs, it was somewhat admirable not to hear the standard hockey clich├ęs from Canucks players. There were no mincing of words or making excuses. Just accountability and the plain, honest truth about the way they played. Or didn't play.

While some may be more inclined to blame the new rules or lousy officiating, the Canucks - from head coach Marc Crawford to captain Markus Naslund to the rest of the team - simply reiterated what we watched and owned up to their horrible play.

Marc Crawford: We gave up far too many soft goals in just poor, soft coverage -- it wasn't anything more than that -- down deep in our zone.

Markus Naslund: It was terrible. We knew they were going to rebound from the game they had in Vancouver [a 6-4 Avalanche loss last Saturday]. It's inexcusable. These are huge games every time we play them. It's inexcusable for us to come out like we did.

Dan Cloutier: Three [goals] down low wasn't good. That's where they killed us. In the first 10 minutes, every time they came into our zone they would create scoring chances.

Sami Salo: We didn't work, battle or make good passes. You could sense in the morning skate that we weren't really sharp and it showed.

Brendan Morrison: Last night, I was really upset and disappointed because I felt I let my teammates down. As a guy who's looked at as a leader, that's disappointing. Mentally, I felt I was ready. Then I go out and make bad decisions early in the game that led directly to goals. I probably cost us the game early on and I'm going to challenge myself to be better.

Brendan, I hope the whole team does.

Todd Bertuzzi: We want a lead [in the Northwest Division]. And we want a big lead. We want to try to take off on them.
The Canucks get another chance tonight.
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