Friday, October 28, 2005

Canucks 2 Avalanche 6

The Vancouver Canucks lost their first of two games in Denver against the Colorado Avalanche 6-2. The game recap is here; the score sheet and stat sheet are here and here.

I was originally thinking of a one-word post to sum up the game last night - the word being "horrible" - but after a good night's sleep and some time to simmer down, here are my notes from the game:

  • The Canucks adjusted to daylight savings time a couple of days early as they didn't start playing until a few minutes left in the second period. Before that, they were a mess of turnovers, lazy passes, turnovers from lazy passes, penalties, disorganized powerplays and even worse penalty-killing. The Avs took it to them and built a 6-1 lead in the second period, to the delight of the Avs fans.
  • I'm not blaming the officiating for the loss - trust me, I give the Canucks full credit for the loss - but that was some of the most inconsistent officiating I've ever seen last night. They let a few hooks and holds go, but called a phantom goaltender interference call on Jovanovski and a cross-checking minor on Ohlund when him AND Blake were battling in front of the crease. There was also a call on Steve McCarthy when he stayed with a Colorado player, who ran into him and fell. At certain points of the game, it looked like the old NHL with a very random sprinkle of the new NHL.
  • Does Bryan Allen mean that much to the team this year? The defensive zone coverage looked like a Chinese fire drill out there.
  • So did the Naslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi line.
  • IMHO, Bertuzzi has played his most aggresive hockey when he's not with with Morrison and Naslund. When he's with Kesler and Cooke, he takes the puck to the net and actually shoots when he has the opportunity to. Bertuzzi finished with 6 shots last night and 4 of them were in the third period - when he was with Kesler and Cooke.
  • Hopefully, the 'Nucks build on their third period momentum. In that third period, they set a team record by outshooting the Avs 23-0, but alas a period does not make a game.
Next up: Colorado (again) on Saturday.
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