Friday, October 14, 2005

Shut Avery Up

My early vote for doorknob of the year goes to Sean Avery. Earlier this week, he was alleged to have called Edmonton forward Georges Laraque a derogatory slur. This isn't the first time Avery had spouted off thoughtless and racist remarks.

During the lockout, he was asked about the possibility of the NHL losing teams. His response:
"I think they can eliminate a lot of Europeans that come over that are mediocre and take a lot of jobs."
After teammate Jeremy Roenick was hit by Denis Gauthier in the preseason - a hit deemed clean by everyone including Roenick - Avery said the hit was,

"... typical of French guys in our league with a visor on".
Notice a trend yet? I do and it's surprising that the league has done little more than to slap him on the wrist. The NHL wants to promote itself more positively and grow the game more globally. It recently signed a European TV deal. How can the league sell themselves to the European market when one of their own is taking shots at Europeans? The league's response to the Gauthier incident:

Mr. Avery's recent comments were insensitive and inappropriate. The National Hockey League takes great pride in the diversity of its player base and repeatedly has made it clear to the players and Member Clubs that comments of this type are not acceptable. In a communication sent to all Clubs yesterday afternoon, the League expressly reiterated its position in this regard and indicated that similar misconduct in the future would result in the imposition of League discipline.
Which brings us back to the future and the Laraque incident. Avery denies that it happened. But according to reports, Edmonton coach Craig McTavish was among those who confronted Avery regarding the incident. That McTavish became involved gives some credibility to Laraque's claims. As does the Oilers organization taking the extra step of filing a formal report with the league. And despite Avery's denials, Laraque is standing by his story.

"I heard it or I wouldn't have (reported it). This is pretty serious stuff, something you don't play around with."
I agree. This is serious stuff and the league should look at it more seriously. Avery is out of hand and it's time for the league to shut him up.
posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:21 PM


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