Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Team Canada Submits Long List For Turin

37 players were invited to Team Canada's Olympic orientation camp in August; today, 81 players made the long list. Wayne Gretzky and Team Canada's management and coaching staff today submitted a list of 81 prospective players that will form Team Canada's 23-man roster for the 2006 Turin Olympics. The list includes 49 forwards, 23 defensemen and 9 goaltenders.

As a management and coaching staff, the task of reducing this list to 23 players will be challenging as we strive to defend Olympic Gold in Turin.
Most of the players on the list are off to strong starts this season. Especially in case of injuries, the long list ensures that a potential replacement is eligible for the final roster.

For the younger players - Crosby, Richards, Carter, Phaneuf, Chouinard, Bouchard, etc. - being on the list sends a signal that they are on Team Canada's radar. Even if they don't make the final 2006 roster, they have reason to believe they are at the very least being considered for future versions of Team Canada. For the veteran players, knowing that their roster spots are not guaranteed can perhaps motivate them and make sure that there are no let-downs in their game.

The final roster is due on December 22nd.

(PS. Cam Ward???)
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