Monday, February 27, 2006

Faithful Rewarded

The Detroit Red Wings are the number one team in the NHL right now and they have decided to reward their fans:
Playoff tickets costs won't be quite as painful this year. The Wings have cut prices 10% in all four potential rounds from 2004, season-ticket holders learned in a mailing received this week.
This comes about a month after the Ottawa Senators, the second best team in the Eastern Conference, announced that they have frozen season-ticket prices for the fifth year in a row.

The Canucks? Well, they have 17,000 season-ticket holders and another 4,000 on the waiting list. The team has never been more popular, not just in Vancouver, but all over British Columbia as well. Needless to say, while prices were frozen for this season, the chances that we get any more of a price break seems unlikely. Economics at its simplest.

Pointer courtesy of Abel to Yzerman.

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