Friday, February 24, 2006

Pass The Pipe

Abel To Yzerman dismissed this absolutely ridiculous rumor last week:
Mats Sundin rumours have surfaced today once again. Boston, Detroit, Chicago and LA are apparently the teams in the hunt. Names coming to the other way have been Frolov, Visnovsky, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Visnovski, Ruutu, Khabibulin, Leetch, Raycroft and Samsonov (if a long term deal could be worked out). This is something to watch as the deadline approaches.
On MOJO 730 this morning, the same bullcrapper who was passing the above rumor passed on another dandy - that the Pittsburgh Penguins are considering trading the rights to Evgeni Malkin at the trade deadline. Some digging around uncovered the following post on same bullcrapper's website:

There is something very interesting brewing. With Malkin`s stock rising exponentially as a result of his Olympic play, I talked to a person on the inside of that situation that confirmed there are whispers, just whispers at this point, that Pittsburgh may get “A Lindros-esque bidding war going for Malkin at the deadline.”

He said to me, “Malkin obviously can bring in some serious value. Value that may help Pittsburgh in similar ways that the Lindros trade helped the Nords go on to win cups in Colorado. It looks more and more that the Pens will remain in Pittsburgh, and if Malkin turns into the star he looks like he will become, the Pens will be faced with Crosby and Malkin near the max payroll. That doesn`t make sense for their marke. They would be better suited to grab three guys at 2-3 million and some prospects to lend depth. Just like Quebec did.”
Let me get this straight. The Pittsburgh Penguins, who are one of the worst teams in the league right now, and who need every marketable player to build a new arena and keep the team where they are, are considering trading the best player not in the NHL for some depth players.

They are considering trading a player who is potentially just as good as the next "Next One" because they might not be able to afford him a few years down the road. Never mind that someone forgot that Malkin's salary is capped at $984,200 plus bonuses - or the same $2-3 million that supposedly makes sense for Pittsburgh's market - during the first three years of his NHL career.

Living in British Columbia, I've always thought that our bud was the best. Apparently what they're smoking in Philly is much better.

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