Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hoop Dreams

I'm heading out to Seaside, Oregon for a week so I thought this article the timing of this CBC article was kinda funny:
A former player with Canada's national men's basketball team says some high-profile investors are trying to bring the National Basketball Association back to Vancouver.


Kelsey says the group is putting an official proposal together in hopes of securing a team – possibly the Portland Trailblazers

Portland owner Paul Allen is having financial troubles in the Oregon city. He recently made his team's finances public, predicting the Blazers would lose $100 million over the next three years

He has blamed the situation on a bad arena lease, along with the lack of a public subsidy.

Kelsey admits an NBA return to Vancouver is a longshot, but says he hopes to find out in a few weeks whether the NBA thinks the group's hoop dreams could be realized.
Just after Hurricane Katrina, there were similar talks about possibly relocating the New Orleans to Vancouver, albeit on a temporary basis. But if there's ever a time to bring another NBA franchise to this city, it's now. From a dollars perspective, the local economy is great; the Canadian dollar is hovering about 10 cents short of par with the US dollar. From a fan's perspective, there is an undoubtable high from a couple of marquee events - the Grey Cup and the World Junior Hockey Championships - the city has hosted in the past year. And of course, there are the Olympics in 2010.

There is also a waiting list of 4,000 people in line for Canucks tickets, and a good portion of them may well be willing to invest their entertainment dollars in the NBA.

Now, I still love hoops and I love the entertainment the NBA brings, but I have to admit to having mixed emotions about a possible return of hoops to Vancity. Between working at GM Place at the time and having a jam pak subscription, I saw almost every single Grizzlies game when they were here. I'm not gonna lie. It hurt when they left and there's still a bit of a sting on being lied to by the league and Michael Assley.

Is Vancouver ready for another NBA franchise? Probably. Am I? I don't know.

As an aside, because I'll be out of town for a week, I won't be able to watch any of the games (unless any of the Seaside pubs - are there pubs there? - feature the game). It's purely internet audio only for the Canucks' four games this week. Anyway, as such, I'll still be posting but I'm not sure about doing my usual game recaps. Unless you want a game recap of the Blazers/Suns game tomorrow night.

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