Thursday, March 23, 2006

Peace, Love and Hockey

Hockey is the ultimate team sport, and Linda Conway is using that premise in her documentary "When Hockey Came To Belfast":

North Americans generally do not realize and sometimes forget that differences in religious beliefs could stop children from playing a game together. "When Hockey Came to Belfast", a documentary by first-time director Linda Conway, unearths the difficulties two friends from differing religious beliefs must endure simply to play hockey and to remain friends.

The message of the film is: "Peace one player at a time", and it is conveyed behind every aspect in Conway's depiction of every day life of the two boys. Conway is thrilled that the message of hope and understanding is being heard. The film is a tribute to all young Northern Irish hockey players and their parents, whom together give boys and girls a place where everyone is treated equal.

Like normal teenagers, the two youngsters the film centers on are no different in any aspect except the fact that Paul is Catholic and Andrew is Protestant. This friendship means that both of them take risks whenever they are together. The two boys became friends through the discovery of the game of hockey. The courage that these boys have shown is remarkable and is a testament to their friendship.
The Vancouver Canucks are supporters in this venture:

Inspired by the film, the Vancouver Canucks, the National Film Board of Canada and Belfast Giants owner Jim Yaworski brought the two Belfast boys featured in the documentary and their parents to Vancouver for a visit on March 16. Paul and Andrew got to attend a Canucks game at General Motors Place and meet Canucks coach Marc Crawford and the players.
Shane Molloy (Fox Sports) has the rest of the story.

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