Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sorry Dear, I've Got A Headache

The Vancouver Canucks' next "biggest games of the season" start tonight as they face the Minnesota Wild in the first of two consecutive games against the Wild at GM Place. The Canucks are 22-9-4 at home; the Wild are 13-17-5 on the road.

Minnesota did the Canucks a favor last night, winning 3-2 in Edmonton, and taking away the Oilers' game-in-hand advantage. The good people at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed have just one more tiny favor to ask.


Matt Cooke, who was hit hard by Dustin Brown on Monday, will be evaluated today and won't play tonight:
“He’s [Cooke] at home today with a headache and that’s basically it for right now,” Crawford said. “I think their will be more of an assessment done of him tomorrow. He’s going to do the psyche test I believe tomorrow than we’ll have a better update of where he is.”
Headache, concussion; po-tay-toes, po-tah-toes. The way the Canucks discuss their injuries, I'm surprised they didn't just say that Cookie had an "upper-body injury".

Anyway, the more I watch the video of the hit, the more it annoys me that the league basically chose to ignore it. It doesn't matter if it's a dirty hit or not. See Brown jump, see Brown hit Cooke's head with his elbow. That's the type of stuff the league needs to eliminate. Not just the petty hooks like the referee called seconds after the non-call on the head shot.

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At March 29, 2006 9:18 PM, Blogger Terry said...

I wonered what this psyche test is when Crawford mentioined it. So a little google came up with the real name is a set of Neuropsych Tests. You can find them here

I hate to make light of it but - I wonder which one Cookie will get and how he'll score. I wonder if he'd pass without having been thumped into next week. I wonder if I'd pass? Certainly looks like something it would be doubtful Avery could pass regardless of the week. *smirk*

At April 14, 2006 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a clean hit. Hell, Brown even had the puck.


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