Saturday, March 25, 2006

Game 3 Preview

Though the Vancouver Canucks have won the first two games of this three-game set against the Oilers, they need to be wary. The Oilers controlled the latter half of Thursday's game, especially the overtime period, and will be coming into tonight's game trying to get themselves back into the playoff picture.

Markus Naslund recognizes this:

"They're a desperate team and we know that."
So does Matt Cooke:

"We had to start somewhere. But we went into Edmonton fairly confident we could win. We just had to play the way that would make us successful. We hadn't really been doing it up until that point. That was the biggest change for our team. Now they're going to come out and give it everything they've got. They've got nothing to lose."
The Oilers don't but the Canucks do. If they lose tonight in regulation time, the Oilers will tie them in the Western Conference standings with 82 points, and with the Oilers still holding a game in hand, the Canucks will be back in the same precarious playoff situation they started the week with.

In a best-case scenario however, if the Canucks win tonight and the Los Angeles Kings lose to the Nashville Predators, the Canucks can build as much as a five-point cushion over the ninth-place Kings, their opponents on Monday night.

The second scenario sounds a lot better.

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