Friday, April 14, 2006

Canucks 3 Sharks 5

Todd Bertuzzi summed it up best after last night's loss to the San Jose Sharks:

"It makes you sick to your stomach, but that's what has happened the whole year," said winger Todd Bertuzzi, one of those who could have a new hockey address next season.

"I don't even know how to explain it. It's not a very good feeling. I don't know what is going to happen now."
He may be speaking for all Vancouver Canucks fans. The Canucks' loss eliminates them from the 2006 NHL playoffs, the first time since 2000 they will miss the postseason.

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It still feels surreal and frankly, I don't feel like doing a full game recap. I thought the team played hard, but again, couldn't get it done on the defensive end. As good as their defensive play were against Edmonton and Minnesota in mid-March, they were just as awful ever since. Blowing third-period leads is no way to grab a playoff spot.

If there's anything positive from the loss - you know me, I'm always looking for positives - it's that we know now that this isn't the core that's going to bring the city its first Stanley Cup. They couldn't get it done in the clutch-and-grab era; they couldn't get it done in the new NHL. At least now we have some sort of closure and if anything, the Canucks can begin the process of moving on.

If you think Canucks fans are taking this especially hard, James Mirtle explains why. And just to add a little more salt to our wounds, well, I'll let VCOE and Kukla's Corner give you the background on a bet we now wish was never made.

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