Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A PG-Rated Party

If there was ever any consolation in the Vancouver Canucks losing to the Calgary Flames in last season's playoffs, it was that we got a good and amusing look at how some Flames fans of a certain gender celebrated their team's success. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Red Mile is no more.
The Red Mile is dead and hockey fans should just stay away from 17 Ave. S.W., says the cop leading Calgary's zero-tolerance clampdown on playoff partying.

Deputy police chief Dale Burn said there will be no Red Mile on his watch, and officers will swarm the area, both in uniform and undercover, to charge anyone caught breaking the law.


Burn's crowd-control plan, which starts tonight during the Flames' home-stand against Anaheim, includes reducing 17 Ave. traffic to one way, and closing part of 5 St. S.W.

Women who try to revive the notorious breast-flashing that marked the Flames last playoff run in 2004, will find their efforts come at a price, said Burns.
That's too bad. It looked like a lot more fun than rioting

Postscript: This post was written tongue-in-cheek. In no way does this blog condone public nudity or rioting.

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