Saturday, April 08, 2006

Waiver Rule Revised

From the official Manitoba Moose site:
A memo issued to PHPA members was circulated yesterday by executive director Larry Landon, announcing the player's association and the NHL had reached an agreement revising the re-entry system for players recalled from the AHL, the Free Press has learned.

The basics of the rule change are as follows: Any player with 320 pro games in the AHL, ECHL or the NHL or any goalie with 180 pro games can earn any amount at the minor-league level and not be subject to re-entry waivers upon recall.
We've debated the intent of the original rule in the past. After Dan Cloutier was injured, it didn't make any sense that the Vancouver Canucks couldn't call up their next best goalie, Wade Flaherty, simply because he made too much money in the AHL. With the salary cap system in place in the NHL, what matters is the player's salary at the NHL level, not the one in the minors.

What will change, as noted by Tom Benjamin in the same post, is how teams will be able to hide bad contracts in the minors. But personally, I don't care that the New Jersey Devils can afford to pay Alexander Mogilny $3.5 million to play for the Albany River Rats. I care that my team be able to ice the best possible team throughout the season.

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