Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Looking For Love

A big thumbs-up to Vancouver Canucks Op Ed for this post on the "importance of hockey blogs". The whole post, of course, is an excellent read, but my favorite part is the following:

So, while the mainstream media is showing signs of understanding the importance of blogs (even in Canada, where there’s already so much other hockey coverage), some NHL teams simply close their ears and hope that the latest Tony Gallagher column isn’t too nasty. Or they wish they could change the hockey-hatred of Tony Kornheiser (whose latest column was titled “He Shoots, He Scores, America Snores” [sub.req’d] Give me a break, Tony.)

And why even bother with a guy like that, anyway? Kornheiser doesn’t preach to potential hockey fans, he preaches to the never-to-be hockey fans - those who already dislike hockey, and need someone like T.K. to legitimize their dislike. If Kornheiser changed his mind tomorrow and embraced hockey with enthusiasm, not ONE SINGLE PERSON would care. No potential fan is sitting around waiting for his endorsement before they buy a hockey ticket.

Forget the Kornheisers. Why not reach out to the readers who love hockey? Those who WANT to love hockey even more, and persuade their non-hockey loving friends of the wonders of the game?
Writers like Kornheiser are only relevant to the NHL because the NHL’s teams allow him to be. Reach out to the people who love hockey, and you’ll generate exactly the PR you’re looking for: positive buzz, even greater interest in the sport, and an incredibly loyal fanbase that will love you even more if you just spoke directly to them.
The reason I blog is because I love hockey. The reason I continue blogging is because there are hockey fans out there who come by this particular blog because they, like myself, love hockey and want to read some hockey-related tidbit that may interest them.

A little bit of love coming back from the NHL folks would be nice.

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