Saturday, April 01, 2006

King Crowned Again

Some news from the Moose - Jason King, whose return from a severe concussion was going very well, is once again out indefinitely:

King, who left Wednesday's game late in the first period with what was being called a recurrence of whiplash, won't play either game this weekend and is slated to see a specialist on Monday.

King, who has 16 goals and 27 points in 32 AHL games this season, suffered a serious concussion just over a year ago and didn't return for more than 10 months, which makes matters a bit more delicate.

"He's not feeling the way he was when he had the concussion, but he's not feeling totally sharp -- that's the best I can tell you," Moose head coach Alain Vigneault said yesterday morning after holding a lengthy meeting with his players.

"He felt good (Thursday) but because of his past history, everybody wants to be on the safe and prudent side."
Here's hoping for a quick return. More Moose updates, including bits on Jason Doig and Lee Goren, over here.

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