Friday, March 31, 2006

Mama Said Knock You Out

As if the Vancouver Canucks needed more motivation for tonight's game against the Minnesota Wild, listen to what Wild forward Nick Schultz had to say:

"It would be nice, definitely, to be a factor in them not getting to the playoffs," Schultz said. "You play them enough, you get sick of them. It would be nice to finish off the season, they come down and they're two points out, and you beat them. At least you've got something like that to look back at."
With only nine games remaining on the Wild's schedule, any combination of five points gained by the Canucks or the Edmonton Oilers, and lost by the Wild will officially eliminate Minnesota from the playoff race - a Canucks win tonight can drop that magic number all the way down to one point.

Now here's Minnesota captain Wes Walz:

"We want to knock these guys out of the playoffs,'' Wild forward Wes Walz said. "We have a good rivalry with this team and we're not going to fold up our tents and pack it up. We're going to play hard all the way through.''
I say let's knock them out first.

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