Saturday, April 08, 2006

Win And Get In

After four days of analyzing and psycho-analyzing the Vancouver Canucks' chances of making the playoffs, it really comes down to this - win and get in.

As crazy as it sounds, the Canucks still control their own destiny. If they win all five of their remaining games - starting tonight against the Calgary Flames - they will make the playoffs.

Iain MacIntyre (Vancouver Sun), I think, sums it up best:

OK, once more from the top with feeling. Please, for the love of God, with feeling.
Well, five more times with feeling.

Anson Carter answers the question on every Canucks fans' minds:

"I know the track record says: How are you going to be consistent for five games?" Carter said. "But I've seen us play well in spurts and I still have a lot of faith in the guys in this room and still believe in the guy sitting next to me. This team all year has never taken the easy route. We've always made things difficult on ourselves. Maybe that's what's necessary, that's what it takes to get our attention."
And if the Canucks need a further boost, there is a chance that Ed Jovanovski may return to the lineup tonight.

"We'll see [Saturday]," Jovanovski said after Friday's team practice. "I'll use the day to gauge where I am.

"These upcoming games, I want to be in there and try to contribute. It's desperate times around here. You want to do everything possible to help your teammates."
Hopefully, we'll see the team play some desperate hockey.

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