Sunday, April 09, 2006

Canucks 3 Flames 2

Perhaps it was the return of Ed Jovanovski, but the Vancouver Canucks played with the determined passion that had been missing for most of the season. They stayed with the Flames hit-for-hit, shot-for-shot, and created plenty of scoring opportunities against a very good Calgary defense. And when the game was on the line, Bertuzzi suddenly turned to Bertuzzi version 2002, laying out Dion Phaneuf with what was arguably the best hit of the Canucks' season (video), then taking the puck to the net.

In overtime, it was Eddie Jo himself who played hero and scored the game-winner (subscription req'd).

"I'm just a small piece of the puzzle," Jovanovski protested. "One guy coming back into the lineup isn't going to flip a switch. It doesn't work that way."
It did last night.

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