Thursday, August 24, 2006

Markus Speaks Out

Maybe Markus Naslund is tired of hearing his name in trade rumors. He chats about them with Ben Kuzma in today's Vancouver Province:

The face of the franchise put to rest Wednesday the ongoing rumours that he could be swapped for unsigned Philadelphia winger Simon Gagne and join long-time friend and countryman Peter Forsberg on the Flyers.

"No, I've been committed," Naslund said following a skate at Burnaby 8-Rinks. "I like playing here and it's a special place. It's been tough not having the success we expected with a group that had the possibility of having success.

"And that's how I felt. But that being said, I'm happy about starting over again and proving myself again and getting some revenge and that hunger back.

"It's going to be different for everyone and I think it's a fresh start, too."
And after a season of many disappointments, both from an individual and a team perspective, it's a necessary fresh start.

Click here for the rest of the piece.

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