Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ryan Being More Realistic

Kurt Overhardt, Ryan Kesler's agent, was in denial mode after speculation a couple of days ago that his client was seeking to do double his salary:

"That couldn't be further from the truth and it's absolutely wrong and really has no merit," Kesler's agent, Kurt Overhardt, said Tuesday from his Denver office.

"I don't make demands. We've had some real positive conversations with Canucks brass. There have been no lines drawn and there have certainly been no threats about anything.

"And there's never been any discussion of holding out. It [the contract] will get done."
A $1.4 million salary would have put Kesler in Matt Cooke or pre-2005 Sedins territory - ummm, not quite yet, Ryan - but instead, a couple of comparables now thrown out include Miko Koivu (MIN) and Jason Pominville (BUF):

One comparable for Overhardt in negotiations with Nonis could be Minnesota centre Mikko Koivu, 23, who had 21 points [6-15] in 64 games last season and signed a one-year deal for $902,500.

Another could be Buffalo right winger Jason Pominville, 23, who had 30 points [18-30] in 57 games last season and 10 points [5-5] in 18 playoff games. He signed a three-year deal for $3.1 million, so $1.033 million will count against the Sabres cap -- even though he's being paid $800,000 this season.
That's more like it. Now let's just get it done, shall we?

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