Sunday, August 13, 2006

People You Love To Hate

The Vancouver Province took a poll on the top 10 sports personalities their readers love to hate. A couple of notables on their list that that would have made mine:
6. Gary Bettman

The peak of the modern-day NHL is generally considered to be Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final between Vancouver and New York on June 14, 1994. The trough was the cancellation of the 2004-05 season on Feb. 16, 2005. It took 11 years and one commissioner to fall that far. This is why so many Canadians want to put a fist through the TV whenever the camera cuts to Bettman smiling smugly in the luxury suite.

7. Steve Francis

When the Grizzlies took him second overall in the 1999 NBA draft, tens of thousands of B.C. basketball fans were looking for any small sign of love. Instead, Francis pouted all the way to the podium because you can't get ESPN on basic cable here.

"His nickname -- 'Stevie Franchise' -- is fitting as he singlehandedly destroyed Vancouver's NBA product," writes Jared Harman of Langley.

Hey Jared, don't forget Stu Jackson.
The rest of the results are here.

Amazingly, there's no mention of Mike Keenan and Greg Millen. Who do I love to hate the most? Michael H-ass-ley is up there.

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