Friday, September 15, 2006


After their longest summer in recent years, training camp finally started for the Vancouver Canucks. This year, the team is holding camp in Vernon in the beautiful Okanagan.

I thought about asking Tracy, who is originally from Vernon, if she wanted to drive up this weekend to watch camp to visit her family. Unfortunately, other commitments came up and we now have to stay in town. However, if any of you happen to make it there, please feel free to send an email on how camp is going or leave a comment below.

More camp details here. (Apparently, Sunday's blue/silver game is a hot ticket.)

After roster cuts earlier this week, Jason King's move to Sweden and Drew MacIntyre's acquisition from the Detroit Red Wings, here is a list of players scheduled to be there:


3 Bieksa, Kevin
4 Bourdon, Luc
64 Coulombe, Patrick
60 Edler, Alexander
18 Fitzpatrick, Rory
61 Fortunus, Maxime
43 Heshka, Shaun
5 Krajicek, Lukas
45 McIver, Nathan
8 Mitchell, Willie
2 Ohlund, Mattias
48 Rahimi, Daniel
42 Rullier, Joe
41 Ryan, Prestin
6 Salo, Sami
28 Tremblay, Yannick


47 Bernier, Marc-Andre
21 Bouck, Tyler
46 Brown, Mike
38 Bulis, Jan
14 Burrows, Alexandre
32 Chouinard, Marc
24 Cooke, Matt
23 Dwyer, Gordie
Gainey, Steve
72 Godoy, Elias
40 Grabner, Michael
27 Goren, Lee
36 Green, Josh
59 Hansen, Jannik
20 Kesler, Ryan
70 Kutny, Vladimir
16 Linden, Trevor
39 Moran, Brad
7 Morrison, Brendan
19 Naslund, Markus
9 Pyatt, Taylor
67 Ray, Chris
25 Reid, Brandon
37 Rypien, Rick
26 Santala, Tommi
50 Schultz, Jesse
22 Sedin, Daniel
33 Sedin, Henrik
56 Simek, Juraj
29 Smith, Nathan


34 Ellis, Julien
30 Flaherty, Wade
1 Luongo, Roberto

MacIntyre, Drew
75 Vincent, Alexandre

Training camp should have a different feel this year. After missing the playoffs last season, the Canucks enter camp with somewhat lower expectations. The roster has been completely overhauled - 14 players from last year's roster are gone - and everyone is getting a fresh start. In fact, with the exception of the starting goaltender position, new coach Alain Vigneault is not sure himself of how his lines are going to looking like.

Brad Zeimer (Vancouver Sun) has more camp questions here. We'll find out the answers in the next couple of weeks.

Comments/Questions: Feel free to post in the comments section or email me at gocanucksgo10 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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