Friday, September 08, 2006

Still Captain Of Your Vancouver Canucks

Jim Morris (CP via TSN) recycled some old Markus Naslund quotes and came up with this doozy of an opening sentence:

There's a new coach, 14 players gone from last year's team, and a chance the Vancouver Canucks will even have a new captain this season.

Since the Canucks missed the playoffs last season, Markus has been the focus of many of these types of speculations. Far more than any off-season I can remember - and that includes last year's when he was an UFA - Markus' place on this team has been questioned, including whether or not he wants to be here; or whether or not the Canucks should trade him; and if he remains with the team, whether or not he deserves to remain its captain.

On the last note, Alain Vigneault, thankfully, thinks he does (from Elliott Pap, Vancouver Sun):

Markus Naslund met this week with new Vancouver Canuck head coach Alain Vigneault and was assured he would remain captain of the NHL team.

"Yes, it was made clear," Naslund said Thursday amid talk-show chatter he could be asked to relinquish the 'C' to further purge Marc Crawford's regime. "I'm happy that's settled. I think it's good to put it to rest, maybe more so for the media, and now maybe we can focus on the hockey part."

It was never an issue with Vigneault. Change captains? What for?

"It never even entered my mind that he couldn't be captain of this team," Vigneault said. "He's been here a long time and he's been captain a long time. I'm sure if he was selected captain it's because he's a good role model, a hard worker and a great player. I asked him if he wanted the job and he said unequivocally yes."
Good. Now maybe those Naslund-for-Gagne rumors would go away too.

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