Friday, December 29, 2006

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 13

Sans DaveO, who was a healthy scratch, John, Rebecca, Alanah and I soldier on and present to you the 13th episode of The Crazy Canucks podcast:

Four games to talk about, three teams played since the last episode: Boston, Columbus, and Calgary. The first two games were painful for Canucks fans, but the home and home series against the Flames was nothing short of pure delight. J.J gives us the inside scoop of his involvement with the CBC story on the whole Vote for Rory campaign, and Alanah seems to be getting a tattoo after losing a bet on Luongo’s save stats in the first half of the season.
Click here to listen to it or download the feed and make sure you leave your comments - good or bad - on the site. If you have a mic, we've also added an odeo feature where you can leave your audio comments as well.

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