Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fitzgate and Other Stuff

I don't intend on making this blog 24/7 about Rory Fitzpatrick, but I thought I'd lead off today with Jason Botchford's (Vancouver Province) piece on Fitzgate*:

After a former Quebec nationalist was elected leader of the federal Liberal party last week, people wondered: What's next?

Rory Fitzpatrick becomes an all star?

Why not, is how fans across North America are reacting after increasing Fitzpatrick's curious vote total by 500 per cent this week, catapulting him to fifth place in all-star balloting and injecting a healthy dose of reality into a puck-in-the-sky dream.

From upstate New York, where it originated, to Hockey Night in Canada, where it was discussed, to Vancouver, where it has thrived, Vote for Rory fever has barrelled through the NHL like a runaway freight train.

Shirts and signs have been spotted all over Vancouver and elsewhere. People are actually believing the Canucks' injured, bottom-roster defenceman will be an all star this January.
Other quick hits from today's MSM:
* - Note: Fitzgate term taken from here.

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