Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Canucks 3 Ducks 2 (OT)

I hope we all learned a lesson after this game. Never again should we question Alain Vigneault when he decides to sit Roberto Luongo and play the backup. Dany Sabourin's last two starts were against two of the better teams in the league - Buffalo Sabres and Anaheim Ducks - and he came out of it with a 1-0-1 record; last night's 3-2 overtime win against the Ducks was the first of Sabourin's NHL career and he was impressive.

Sabourin recovered quickly from a bad Tim Brent goal and was sharp afterwards.

During several barrages on the Canucks net Tuesday, you couldn't help but wonder: Was that Roberto Luongo hiding under Dany Sabourin's white alien mask?

Sabourin whirled himself around the ice, threw everything he had at the puck and with sheer effort kept the Canucks in a game in which they were often getting pounded, out-played and out-classed.
Luongo, who took Sabourin's usual spot at the bench, named him the game's first star:

"He has been working hard all year and I couldn't be happier for the guy," said Roberto Luongo, who got a rare night off. "He was the first star in my book. He made some huge saves, especially in the first period and then late in the game."
I very much ditto those sentiments.

More from the Mainstream
  • It's kinda funny that the Canucks won the game on a cheesy, Scott Niedermayer hooking penalty. The league was supposed to discuss exactly what constitutes hooking. (To be fair, I don't think what Scotty did merited a hooking penalty; but then again, Brendan Morrison was similarly called on a cheesy holding penalty in the first period.) - Ben Kuzma (Vancouver Province)
  • Here's something from the Ducks side of things. - Dan Wood (OC Register)

About the game around the blogosphere

My 3 Stars of the Game

  1. Dany Sabourin (VAN): I'm taking Louie's advice on this one. 38 saves on 40 shots from a dangerous Ducks team.
  2. Markus Naslund (VAN): One, goal, one assist and looking more and more like the Markus of old.
  3. Ryan Getzlaf (ANA): Good Canadian kid a threat all night. Six shots on goal plus a few more chances.

Official Statistics

Next Game

Crow, Sopel and the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday.

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posted by J.J. Guerrero, 6:26 AM


At February 21, 2007 1:17 PM, Blogger Zanstorm said...

I thought Sabs was really sharp on all the low shots. But not much of what the Ducks shot high at him were even on net. There is alot of room the the top portion of the net. Not to be too negative, but, that could be a weakness for Sabs that may be exposed.
Otherwise, he silenced my criticism of him last night. Stopping 38 of 40 shots is no small feat!
I'm glad for him.
Naslund's move around Pronger made me spill my drink! haha

At February 21, 2007 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the game and was mortified when I saw Dany start the game in net as I had laid out bets with every Duck fan I know assuming Lui would be in net.

My fears were confirmed when Dany let in a soft first goal where he lost sight of the puck while it seemed covered, got up a little and allowed the pucked to be jammed under his pads into the goal.

He then completly turned it around and made some spectacular plays.

However I thought he was bailed out numerous times as he gave up a number of juicy rebounds, but was lucky that his d-men were right there taking care of him. He also looked quite shakey and unsure of himself on numerous occasions.

But like I said, he made numerous spectacular plays as well.

The Ducks were extremly fast and out-chanced the Canucks by a large margin.

Nazzy goal was awsome, high-light reel material, that hooking penalty on Neidermeyer in OT was a garbage call and the Canucks scored the OT winner on what was essentially a 4 on 2 as one of the Ducks had a broken stick. Nice to be lucky sometimes.

Lots of Canucks jerseys in the building too, which is great to see. I remember 5 years ago, that wasn't often the case.

And I am happy to report that only peanuts were thrown at me this year - the Ducks fans are pretty tame if anyone is wondering.

Off to the Kings - Canucks on Thursday. I got my grubby hands on a luxury box and am having trouble filling it. That is hockey life in LA!

At February 21, 2007 8:50 PM, Blogger hoopsjunky said...

^ Thanks for the recap! Hope you can pass by and let us know about the game in La-la-land.

Sabourin was good when he had to be, though I have to admit it was alarming how many times I heard Hughson and Garrett noted that Sabourin didn't know where the puck was.

Regardless, kudos that he finally got his first win and against one of the better teams in the league too. Good to know the backup can pull it off once in a while.

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