Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Crazy Canucks: Episode 21

The gang got together this week to record the 21st episode of The Crazy Canucks podcast, and once again, we had another guest drop by.

Dave is another healthy scratch for this episode, but that doesn’t mean we like him any less. However, we did find another blogger who loves the Canucks as well, but you’ll also hear about the “other team” he follows. Sean, aka Zanstorm, from Waiting For Stanley joins us from Smithers, B.C. to discuss the last two games against the Blackhawks and Thrashers.

Record as of this episode: 31-21-4
Northwest Division: 2nd
Western Conference: 7th

The hunt for the playoffs is on, so we cover some of that ground after getting to know a little more about Sean. John and J.J. also report back on what they can remember about the Thrashers game at GM Place. Rebecca checks in with the ever intriguing players blogs, and we can’t help ourselves from addressing the trade talks.
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