Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another All-Star Head Hunted Down

If you haven't seen the video of Cam Janssen's hit on Tomas Kaberle, here it is:

Plain and simple, it was high - very high - and late - very late. I've never been a fan of head shots and I never will be. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I like my NHL to be physical but I don't want it to be dirty. And a high and late hit such as Janssen's is dirty.

Kara Yorio (Sporting News, link via Kukla's) probably says it best:
This is a dangerous sport. It is a contact sport. It is an unbelievably fast and powerful sport. Both of those elements are part of what makes it so great. But it's also what makes it so dangerous. Players can be paralyzed or killed on a clean hit. Let's say Janssen's shot wasn't an elbow to the head. Maybe it was a shoulder. Maybe it was the back of his arm between his elbow and his shoulder. But it was a hit to the head. No doubt about that. No one can watch the replay and see anything else. He took multiple steps toward Kaberle, who by the way, did not have the puck and was behind the play, and he hit him in the head.

No penalty.

No kidding. No penalty. As if that would even be enough.
When you watch the clip, there was a referee was right next to Kaberle when this happened. Sutherland and Watson called 12 penalties during the game, nine of them the hooking and clutch the jersey kind, but a shot to the head is apparently okay.

Maybe Tom Golisano can let JFJ send the same letter he sent to Gary Bettman only a week ago.

[update: 03/03/07, 1:34 PM]:

The NHL conducted a hearing this morning and has now suspended Cam Janssen for three games. That's some consolation for the Leafs, who will continue to fight for their playoff lives without one of their top two defensemen.

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