Thursday, March 01, 2007

Game Day: Coyotes at Canucks

It's been a while since the Canucks have lost two games in a row, which probably explains the mild sense of panic suddenly going through Canuck-land. Well, that and the fact that they haven't played their A-game in a few games.

Tonight's opponents, the Phoenix Coyotes, are another one of those non-playoff teams that the Canucks can't take lightly. I hope they learned their lessons after they lost to the Blues on Tuesday.

Kevin Bieksa knows there's nothing worse than wounded pride, because any non-playoff team can be a handful if taken lightly.

The Canucks defenceman admitted that's what happened Tuesday at St. Louis in a 3-1 loss to the Blues, who prevailed without traded stars Keith Tkachuk and Bill Guerin.

"We've learned that lesson the hard way against a team we should probably beat," said Bieksa.

"They had lost their best two players and I think Louie [Roberto Luongo] put it best -- there are no free points.

"We definitely want to come out and put them [Coyotes] away early because we know they have nothing to lose and will be playing for pride. We want to give them a reason to shut it down a little."

The Canucks sang that same refrain before home-ice losses to Chicago (Feb. 7), a shootout setback to Columbus (Jan.30) and an overtime loss to Los Angeles (Jan. 26).
Third time's a charm?

For what it's worth, the Calgary Flames beat the Minnesota Wild last night in a shootout and are now tied in points with the Canucks; the Wild are only a point behind because they *ahem* earned a point last night as well.

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At March 01, 2007 6:05 PM, Blogger Temujin said...

Damned spambots! DIE!!!!

I'm sure the Canucks are going to put them away early. 7-2 Canucks.


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