Friday, April 27, 2007

Round 2 Game 2:

After being embarrassed in game one of this series against the Anaheim Ducks, it was good to hear the Canucks not make any excuses (Ben Kuzma, Vancouver Province):
“That’s the easy way out,” said Canucks centre Brendan Morrison. “We could sit here and say we’re missing two of our better D-men [Sami Salo, Kevin Bieksa]. But to be honest with you, I haven’t heard that from one guy — not even a mention of it — even with the lineup we’re dressing now.

“We believe we can win.”
I mentioned the same thing on The Crazy Canucks podcast the other night - the Canucks are going to have to learn to play with the players they have. If that means no Cooke, Kesler, Salo and Bieksa for the remainder of the series, then so be it. The fact is, all playoff teams go through all sorts of adversity and injuries. Those that can overcome them and find a Brian Glynn to step into the lineup go far.

I'm really looking forward to tonight's game. If anything, I want to see the pride and character that Fin's boys have shown all season long. I want to see them bounce back and make game two a more competitive game than game one. I want to see Roberto Luongo finally figure out the Ducks. I want to see the Sedins finally figure out the Ducks defense and Mitchell and the defense slow down the Ducks offense. The Canucks obviously didn't play their best game on Monday. From the goaltender out, they need to be better in so many areas and I want to see them do it.

And if they do, then despite the Wednesday night debacle, the Canucks could, amazingly enough, take home-ice advantage away from Anaheim in this series.

Today's pregame pieces:

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