Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Hamill and Blum

A couple of pieces in today's MSM on two more prospects with local ties.

Ben Kuzma (Vancouver Province) has one on Port Coquitlam native and Everett Silvertips star Zach Hamill:

Like fingernails scraping a blackboard, the stereotypical summation of Zach Hamill's size and speed is irritating to the slick Everett Silvertips star and highly rated NHL draft prospect.

"I've always heard the same kind of thing and now I've kind of proved them wrong," said Hamill. "You develop and adapt to the game -- whether it's tight checking or 5-on-5."
And Iain MacIntyre (Vancouver Sun) has one on Vancouver Giants defenseman Jonathan Blum:

He is 6-0 and only 160 pounds, but Blum led the WHL in plus/minus this season at plus-37 and had 51 points on defence without missing any of the Giants' 72 games during his second year in the league. Blum is a solid skater, but it's his ability to pass the puck and the maturity of his game that impressed scouts enough for him to be a projected first-round pick.
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